Thursday, June 19, 2014

Danger: Audra Post, CPM

Willow Tree Family Center's Provider Directory proudly features:

Naming her stats as follows: 
C-Section Rate: 

VBAC Rate: 

Transfer Rate: 

What is conveniently missing from this list of made up statistics? 
Her death and injury rate of course.  
Knowing for a fact of two deaths and two serious injuries in the past three years, one being my own son, this is one dangerous midwife.  Not to mention that Audra also filed bankruptcy to avoid any accountability in civil litigation over wrongful death, in which another midwife attending the same birth was found to be $5 Million dollars worth of negligent.  Given that she carries no malpractice insurance, and accountability for CPMs in our state is non-existent, families are left to just accept that the negligence continues.  Audra hopes that it continues without prospective clients knowing the truth behind her statistics.

Perhaps Audra should name how many of her transfers were too late.  Perhaps her cesarean rate should be higher, and just maybe more babies would be alive.  
The icing on the cake is that Audra Post, CPM openly advertises Additional Pregnancy Services such as, "Support for breech positions," but she fails to explain that the only breech delivery she's ever attended, ended with the death of the baby due to severe birth trauma after he was entrapped for over 7 minutes in his mother's body.  So what exactly does "Support for breech positions" really mean?   

     Audra, what on earth are you thinking?  Have you forgotten us?  Have you 
     forgotten the horror that was Magnus's birth?  I haven't.  I was there and I know 
     exactly how tragic it was.  I remember vividly how long 7 minutes of being 
     entrapped really feels,  and the 45 minutes it took neonatologists to revive him.  I   
     remember a baby who never opened his eyes until he died because of you and your 
     esteemed colleagues.  Perhaps you should rethink your skill set before another 
     baby dies that doesn't have to. Obviously his death must have been my fault, or 
     better yet my body's fault.  Perhaps you think the stars just didn't align that day 
     and he "wasn't meant to live" as your partner so bluntly put it.  How about 
     severely negligent care that missed many red flags?  How about incompetent 
     midwives that had no business attending a high risk delivery like that outside the 
     hospital?  You had a serious role in his death, his death that should have been 
     prevented had you done your job well.  It is appalling and utterly disgusting 
     that you would advertise yourself to have the ability and confidence to 
    "support breech positions." Thanks for trying to Bury Magnus Twice.  I won't let 
     you get away with that.  You've perfectly illustrated the need for this campaign.

Families, please be wary of statistics like these, of midwives like this, of facilities such as the Willow Tree Family Center that clearly advertise dangerous providers with ugly disclaimers voiding them of any responsibility.   

Women deserve safe care options, not someone who manipulates the truth, can't see the danger in her own actions, and "barters and trades" as a payment option for her services.  

Find an educated, licensed, and insured midwife who works ethically withing a system of care that will allow you to bring your baby home at the end of your birth experience. 

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