We are seeking

We are a group of families in the Lansing area advocating for improved standards and safer midwifery practices in the state of Michigan. Our goal is to share information about political movements, talk about real-life experiences and engage in conversations about maternity care. We want to improve overall outcomes for all families - regardless of caregiver or place of birth - in our state.

We value choices under safe circumstances and with responsible caregivers.

We are Seeking:
Informed Consent
∙ Consistent Standards for Education
∙ Consistent Scope of Practice
∙ Licensed midwives ONLY
Licensed birth centers ONLY
∙ Safety Protocols for Out-of-Hospital Birth
∙ Safety Protocols for Transfer of Care
∙ Collaborative Care option in the Lansing area
∙ Required Reporting of Outcomes
Liability Insurance for ALL Midwives
∙ Accountability

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