Thursday, February 21, 2013

Big Announcement: Building A Resource

After 10 months of writing this blog, many women from across the country have contacted us with concerning stories that happened to them, to family members, to colleagues.  It has become very clear that families need better resources, more accurate information, and improved support when it comes to considering out of hospital birth. 

Introducing our Website Project!
We'd like to help with that by designing a whiz-bang, professional website that will serve the public in a variety of ways.  One of the main purposes of the website will be to help women learn about their options, what they mean, who to consider hiring, risk factors, and address the central issues in choosing OOH birth.  We want families to have accurate information on a wide variety of related topics that will enable them to make the most informed decisions possible about how and where to give birth.

Another component of our website will be to offer support to families who have received questionable care.  If you suspect negligence, where can you turn for help?  If you have a baby in the RNICU, or have lost a baby, what kinds of support networks are available for you?  We want to house resources in one place that will help families navigate already trying times and get the help they need. 

The third major component to our website project will be a section devoted to legislation and how it will potentially impact your care for the immediate and long-term future.  We'll have information about current laws related to midwifery, bill reviews, contact information for legislators, and more, to help you have a voice on this important issue. This section will initially be tailored to MI law, but we are open to inviting contributors who would like to provide this information from across the country.

The website project has many more features, but we thought just introducing the overview would be a good start.  We want this project to be exemplary, credible, and professional.  We are employing perspectives from families, midwives, doulas, and doctors in the creation of this great resource.  We can't do it alone.  We need your help.  Keep reading to learn more!

Action Plan

➨ Raise money for the project via Indie Go-Go Fundraiser
    We are going to use Indie-Go-Go to run a campaign to fund this project.

Build the website and work on content
    We are going to work with Artemis Solutions Group, a local web design company.

Publish the website and go live!

How You Can Help

1) Watch for the Indie-Go-Go Campaign to be announced on MONDAY!  Share it with everyone you know.  Consider making a donation of any size.  Every penny helps us move toward our goal of offering better resources for families considering out of hospital birth.  

2)  Share our campaign updates on your FB page, twitter, and email friends and family.  

3) Visit the new website often.  Share it.  Recommend it to friends.  Read the blog to stay up to date on current events.  

Thank you! 

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