Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Actions Speak: Senate Bill 1208

Senate Bill 1208 Introduced! 
July 18th, 2012  
Lansing, Michigan

A moment of joy for us on the Capitol steps, after Senator Whitmer introduced Senate Bill 1208 today. Fifteen months after Magnus's death, someone is finally taking action to make out of hospital birth safer for Michigan mothers and babies.  Thank you Senator for preserving choice, improving standards, and protecting the citizens you serve.  Further more, thanks to every friend, stranger, and family member who has heard our story, shared it, and is working toward doing something good.  Your voices count and are being heard! Our gratitude is beyond words.  

Learn More
We've created an entire web page dedicated to supporting Senate Bill 1208.  
Please visit us at   
In order for this bill to move forward, we will need your support and your voices.  
Magnus thanks you and Michigan mothers and babies need you!  

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