Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lansing State Journal: "Homebirth movement raises questions of acceptable risk..."

The Lansing State Journal has spent 3 months researching birth in Michigan.  Reporter Louise Knott Ahern did countless hours of research and interviews to compile a comprehensive piece about midwifery in the state of Michigan.  The article considers everything from philosophy, to birth options, and safety.  

You can pick up a print copy of the Lansing State Journal today, Sunday, June 3rd, or you can find all the articles, videos, and more at:

"How far is too far in a birth emergency?"  

"Where do hospitals fit in with 'normal and natural' birth?"

"Birth Center's practices under scrutiny since March lawsuit"  

"Read local birth stories and share your own" 

(Notes: Be sure to check out the links on the left and right of the article too for extensive resources, interviews, birth stories, and more.  If you start getting pop up boxes asking you for a subscription, just clear your browser's cache.)  

Dr. Amy weighs in on the subject too on the Skeptical OB Blog: 

A full article review by Safer Midwifery for Michigan will be posted tomorrow. 


  1. I came upon this blog with interest. I am a pre-nursing student with a long term goal of becoming a CNM/FNP. I still have not found the begginning of the blog (I am on mobile and there are a LOT of posts!) But the second post I opened links to Dr Amy Tutuer? Y'all lost some credibility there :-/

    1. Dear "Unknown". We're glad you've stumbled across our blog. As you read more posts, you'll find that we do not endorse any one position of a particular person. That being said, Dr. Amy does often make points that are relevant to the discussion here, as many other sources. We aim for balanced perspective, and we aim to represent the voices of concerned MI families aiming to improve dangerous practices. I invite you to visit other posts and note the variety of people working on, and referenced in this blog. We have OBs, loss parents, midwives, apprentices, doulas, and other concerned citizens. If the fact that Dr. Amy is referenced on occasion "discredits" us, then I would encourage you to see the bigger picture, the larger issues, the and the breadth & depth of what the conversations here are about. It is not about ending home birth on this blog. It is about preserving choice, and improving safety. Although Dr. Amy is viewed as inflammatory at times, or controversial, she has shown a great deal of support for many loss families who found no support elsewhere. We value her ideas as conversational tools from time to time, but also appreciate there are many valuable perspectives in a healthy conversation. We don't always agree with her perspective, or that of any one particular source. Thank you for visiting the blog, and we hope you'll continue to learn more about the important issues represented here.