Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Birth Center at Sparrow Hospital?

Dear Readers,

We've started a petition (see right column) asking for a collaborative care model for the women in the Lansing (MI) area.  We're striving to bring excellence in nurse midwifery and obstetrics together in the safest possible setting.  We know there is much that both professions can offer one another in the name of best practices.  Anyone who supports the idea of collaborative care as an exemplary model of maternity care can sign.

Research has shown that collaborative care reduces cesarean rates, improves outcomes, decreases interventions, and increases satisfaction.  All other major cities in Michigan offer collaborative care models.  Lansing women deserve better options that represent best practices in maternity care!

Please sign our petition and tell Sparrow Hospital that we need a birth center that would:
* Create a place where professionals nurture mothers and babies
* Bring excellence in obstetrics and nurse midwifery together
* Hold safety & patient care in the highest regard

If you feel compelled, you will have the option to leave a comment when you sign about why you feel this is an important issue.  The more feedback through signatures and comments the better the message will be understood.  You can also "share" this petition on your Facebook wall by "liking" it when you visit the URL to sign.  Let's start improving options for women in MI, starting with Lansing. 

Please sign, please share. 

Safer Midwifery for Michigan

What is Collaborative Care?

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